A Glimpse of Shine

"In a Dimension of Despair, one bright light radiates in the darkness, protecting the beings that live within it from the endless cold Abyss. The beings that live within the light call it The Shine."

— L0-Fi, the Storyteller in the A Glimpse of Shine series

The nine video stills and three narrative animations expand on a universe introduced in a previous series called The Blue Opus. Jahmel Reynolds, also known as Jah., explores themes of intrapersonal conflict, digital identity, and future worlds through character study and evocative storytelling. A prelude to the well-received Blue Opus tale, this collection chronicles the journey of the character L0-Fi who enters The Shine – an illusory world that holds the key to hope – to find the anecdote to his despair. Jah. uses L0-Fi to visually symbolize the crushing impact of depression and anxiety on the psyche. The story, colored in striking gradients of blue, pink and green, follows the escape of the storyteller through the mirage of mental illness.

Jahmel ReynoldsJahmel Reynolds


“I feel like ima lose it tonight ... I feel like I lost my mind”

In his three video animation works, Jah. collaborates with Latasha Alcindor, the first female rapper on the blockchain. The addition of sound into Jah.’s work helps to tell the story of his internal feeling.

Jahmel Reynolds

Jahmel Reynolds, also known as Jah. is a Multimedia Storyteller.

Jah. uses his influences of Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels, Anime, and Hip Hop to create images and tell stories that honor his experiences. His work has been featured in Mass Appeal, Brooklyn Museum, SXSW, National Sawdust, and The Red Bull Music Festival.

Jahmel Reynolds, summoning of 10